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Shi Jiao(SHI), graduated from Journalism (BA) of Fudan University and Photography(MA) of RCA, is an interdisciplinary artist based in London. SHI’s works focus on photography, installations and interactive arts, exploring the new possibilities brought by new media. He hopes to create a new aesthetic through the fusion of media and produce a freer meaning.

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11/2023, London

05/2023, London

02/2023, London

12/2022, Xiamen

11/2022, London

10/2022, London

09/2022, London

08/2022, London

08/2022, London

08/2022, London

07/2022, Beijing

04/2022, London

02/2022, London

12/2021, London


10/2021, London

10/2021, London


02/2021, London

07/2016, Shanghai


2022, Xiamen

2022, Singapore

2022, Belfast

2015, Shanghai

2015, Beijing

2014, Hongkong

Royal College of Art, major in Photography (MA)     

Royal College of Art, major in Fine Art (GD)        

Fudan University, major in Journalism (BA)    

Shanghai Vancouver Film School, major in Cinematography and Production design    

Shortlisted in The Horizon photography award 2022 

Shortlisted in Silvana S. Foundation Commissions Award 2022 


Shortlisted in Belfast International Photo Festival 2022


Qinglian Scholarship of Fudan University in December        


Excellent Award in Asian Students Photography Exhibition      


Second Prize in Campus Journal and News Competition                 

​Replica, Avatar, Doppelganger, London Digital Lab& Capelab, London

​Fluid computer, Royal Institution, London


In Tandem, Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea college of art, London​

​The Horizon, 三影堂, Xiamen

​Dwelling on the Cloud, Ugly Duck, London

​Forgot to Remember to Forgot, Gerald Moore Gallery, London


Play and pause, Chisenhale Space, London

After the Waitingroom, Copeland Gallery, London


​Summer Graduate Show, Anise Gallery, London


Invisible Shadows, Three Shadows Photography三影堂, Beijing


​GMT+8, Chelsea Triangle Space, London


Boundless, Miart Gallery, London


Pull over and take a Cig, Espacio Gallgey, London     

Everywhere you go (collaborate with Binghui Song), 18 Albemarle St               


Over the arthill and Far away, Arthill Gallery, London   


The condensation of the Cloud, Brixton Gallery, London         


The Wip show of RCA2021, RCA London                   


Ru Shi Wo Wen(solo), Fudan University, Shanghai 

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