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The "Abyss" combines photography, projection and installation to present the generation and annihilation of enormous amounts of information in virtual space in a physical way. It not only includes the structure of space, but also the leap of time.


The installation on the left is the first chapters of  Abyss. It shows a stream of images pouring down from the backdrop, forming a huge river of images. In the foreground are scrolls that float upward, with tiny image grains merging at a slower flow into the torrent of background. 


In the second chapter, the torrent of the background is removed, and only the scroll in the foreground is retained, showing the feeling of dust falling and everything returning to tranquility. All images used in the installation are from my personal collection of photographs spanning six years but to the audience it's just pixel particles that can refer to everything they associate with.


I hope to give the audience an immersive experience through this format, being in the abyss and staring into the abyss for a short time. In front of them are both a bottomless abyss and an infinite void. We are there to feel the elapse of everything and realize that it is happening at  every moment of our life. It's too grand to see details and too fast to keep anything but oblivion. The end of noice is silence.


The moving image shows the fourth version of Abyss. I print  massive images on the acrylic board then project same images on it. The projected images are flowing which makes an illusion that all images are leaving their embodiment and falling into the abyss. Also, the light beams on both sides of the acrylic board are converging towards the middle and annihilating, presenting a sense of annihilation that time is boundless but disappearing into the same cliff.


The image shows the third version of Abyss which has been exhibited at Espacio Gallery, where I set the installation based on its space. Two heads which connected to the scrolls are coming from the ceiling and ground, trying to touch each other. Large amount of images are flowing along the scrolls from ceiling to the ground and disappearing into the boundary. This version of Abyss indicates a metaphor about how individuals touch and separate in the virtual abyss. There are no connections of human but data.

图中展现的是深渊的第三版本在伦敦Espacio Gallery展出的情景。我依据展览馆的空间搭建了这个装置。上下两个人头由纸带连接,分别从天花板与地面伸出并渴望触碰到彼此。庞大的照片流顺着纸带的走向由天花板流向地面,最终消失于边界。这个版本展现了一个隐喻,即个体在虚拟的深渊中微妙的触碰感与分离感。没有人的链接,而只有数据的链接。

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