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Light as clouds heavy as raindrops   轻若浮云重如雨滴


Sandglass, 2022

AI generated Photography

Size changeable

沙漏, 2022



The Sandglass series is an extension of my Mountain series which mainly explores the ontology of AI generated images. Based on this, Sandglass add the element of time and the changes of subjects. In a sense, the Mountain series is static, while the Sandglass series is dynamic. I hope to give the audience an extraordinary perspective through the juxtaposition of images in time, to reflect on the impact of AI images on the temporality of photography.

Sandglass系列是我 Mountain系列的延伸之作。Mountain系列主要探讨了在AI影像中什么是图像本体的问题,Sandglass依此为基础,加入了时间与主体的变化,在不同方向上对图像本体的问题进行探索。某种意义上,Mountain系列是静态的,而Sandglass系列是动态的,我希望通过图像在时间意义上的并置给观众一个超常规的视角,来反思AI影像给摄影的时间性带来的冲击。

The AI ​​used in the Mountain and Sandglass series is "semi-automatic". I need to set the basic structure of the image first, and then let the AI ​​visualize it. Although the image is ultimately generated by AI, the ontology of the image was decided by me at the beginning. The playfulness and uncertainty of this process lie in how the AI ​​understands my settings, which are not always logical. Also, it is about how I view and use these images as an arbiter.


On the one hand, AI images have surpassed the scope of tools and become producers of content, because they need to make judgments on settings; on the other hand, AI still retains a certain tool nature, because its jurisdiction is not sufficient, and eventually to be a component of a larger  structure. But through the process, AI has already possessed the attributes of a medium, carrying and becoming the information itself.


The AI that I experimented with only operates on the level of simulated images. They are harmless spectacles, reproductions of natural images, reimaginations of natural wonders, reproductions of image commodities, simplifications of complex worlds, and fixations of random worlds. AI can better represent nature as it exists in the human mind, but the depth of nature lies beyond the reach of the mind.

Sandglass, 2023

Installation at Exhibition In Tandem, London 

3.5m x 2m x 3.5m


Sandglass, 2022

Installation at Exhibition Dwelling on the cloud, Ugly Duck, London

4.8m x 2.8m x 5m

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